Travel Update

I offer a 14-day lifestyle travel tours … where I will be your stylist, private concierge, wellness coach, psychic, mentor & astrologer. I will along with a professional team of travel agent Guru’s backing me, will be arranging all the details and flights so the experience is enriching and stressless, awakening and re-energising. This is all professionally organised to guarantee that everything will be delivered with the highest attention to detail.

This is a style filled, boutique, luxurious & intimate trip offered to only a small group of 8 ladies in total for 14 days to Morocco and France where you will enjoy and be awakened to the beauty & pleasure of living life passionately. Your days will be filled with Taste Sensations & Pleasurable delights, Culture, Art, Beauty & most of all Style … The body and mind will be restored and revitalised, with Hamman scrubs and scented massage, along with each day beginning with the art of a gentle Yoga and Meditation practice slowing unlocking the soul each day; I personally teach this to our small group so it all remains intimately personal. All of this will be wrapped with empowering and enriching conversation as we pleasure the language of the mystical, dreams and astrology. As I am an Astrologer, Intuitive Healer, & Mentor I will be providing participants with their own Personal Astrology Reading and Healing as part of the trip.

Plus through out the trip there will be professional private local guides as we discover shopping for treasures and clothing of the finest unique quality not easily found…

Awaken Travel is A Soulful Journey of sensory delights: Hand selected and orchestrated personally to deliver a magical experience! This is truly a once in a lifetime trip that you will never forget and will leave you longing to return again!

Mission to Empower and Infuse” Light, Love and Laughter. Built with Integrity, Heart and Soul…

This is a journey where you will learn, grow, and become enriched… Awakened to your soul”. This trip is as unique as you are!! Book now!! For October 2014…

Let me be your guide! You will not be disappointed! Build friendships and connections with a group of like minded souls who enjoy discovering spirit & pleasure of all life can offer! Let your soul shine and live fully, as I show you a beauty will never forget!

I would love to talk with you and asker any questions you may have, about the upcoming trip!

Delahrose Roobie *супермаркет клас харьков отзывыкак лечат каналы зуба