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I have known Delahrose for some years. I was seeing her initially as an astrologer when she would explain to me in great detail my life – from birth, childhood and up to this very day – and about why things are the way they are for me. It led me to understand myself better and appreciate all that I am, showing me that there is much more to life than just what you think you see and know. Delahrose then gave me the tools I needed that would help me in times of distress. The experience was incredible to say the least, it was almost as though she had been there by my side from the day I was born and had presented me with this gift of knowledge, with professionalism and kindness.

It’s been light bulb moment after light bulb moment…. Everything has just started to make sense.

Alison Kennon

Delahrose has many gifts and tools to offer. She has been training and gaining knowledge and understanding, experience and qualifications for over 30 years. Not only is she an astrologer, life coach and divine healer, she also teaches meditation, yoga and shamanic wisdom, combining all these elements to use them in a way similar to how an alchemist would – blending and creating energy to enable one to find their truth and help them to live soulful lives aligned with their hearts.

Not to mention she is also is a fantastic interior stylist, creating beautiful spaces that are filled with soul and heart. She creates living environments that energise!

Alison Kennon

Delahrose was intuitive and radiant when I arrived at her gorgeous womb-like treatment room, she had even picked up before I arrived that I would be more comfortable on a futon on the floor, rather than a treatment table, which was perfect. The warmth, the beautiful soulful aromas washed over and around me and made me feel completely safe.

I had three wondrous sessions that have transformed me, spiritually and ultimately, physically. I felt lighter, I felt loved and I felt love for myself. Even these words here seem inadequate in describing what she gave me. Delahrose is a true healer, a genuine and generous spirit, a visionary and a brilliant therapist. She saved my soul and she cleared away the fog and filled me with love and warmth and I cannot thank her enough.

Diane Dixon

A trip with Awaken the Soul would be the best way to seek wellness and care for yourself. There is no other than Delahrose who can help guide you in this healing journey to find your inner voice. The journey will awaken your power and all your special gifts within yourself. Delahrose, brings the world to your doorstep by sharing all of her experience from having worked with many world renowned healers. Being an International traveler herself, Delahrose’s knowledge allows her to seek out the most inspiring destinations to give you the magical holiday you have been waiting for. I highly recommend this journey as no detail is ever missed by the founder Delahrose Roobie!

Shauna O’Callaghan, Whistler BC

Once you have achieved a certain amount of success and have some money in your pocket, you may still find that you have a hunger …
What are the options? Well, the world will tell you that this hunger can be satisfied by building an empire, seeking fame or by buying another house, or a faster car.

Unfortunately, this is getting a little tired. Celebrities and the super-wealthy are now quietly suggesting — even openly admitting — that despite their fame and fortune, they live in a state of even-greater yearning.

The only solution is to confront the hunger itself and to turn to the soul. The soul? That may sound like an abstract concept, a mere delusion, an escape from reality or a spiritual placebo.

But this is where Delahrose comes into your life, with her Awakening the Soul experience.

If the soul is to have any meaning, it must be grounded in the senses and it must be emotionally realised. As human beings, we all yearn to find something that is imbued with soul because, by doing so, we awaken our own soul. We all enjoy experiencing the refined and exquisite sensations of touch, fragrance, taste, aesthetic form, gorgeous textiles or the sheer aliveness of a visceral connection to the beauty of nature. We want to have a physical experience; we want the soul to be present in this world through our encounters with beauty and joy. Everything else is simply waiting and hoping, working towards or denying the personal aspiration to feel fully alive.

Delahrose has lived the life of success and she has confronted the hunger. Thus — and I can assure you of this — Delahrose is perfectly poised to help you realise the individual human imperative of feeling truly and deeply alive, which she does through her carefully designed boutique tour.

Laurence James Lucas