True equilibrium needs all senses onboard.

Every bespoke service we offer aims to create equilibrium of the body, mind, emotions, spirit and environment. This holistic approach is evident in every tiny detail of what we do.

Every path towards self-discovery is different. We are not all alike so our experiences shouldn’t be. Every Awaken The Soul experience is catered towards your unique needs and desires, skillfully crafted for each individual.

Awaken the Soul experiences include:

  • Bespoke personal overseas travel itineraries and tours
  • Holistic health and wellness small group travel for friends
  • Interior design, layout and styling for private homes, health and healing centres (see Awaken Designs)
  • Individual and small group healing ceremonies, incorporating yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, astrology, energetic healing and ritual ceremonies
  • Ceremonies, blessings and ritualistic healing events, large and small.

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