Healing Therapy:

Experience whole-of-body wellness

We may experience our lives only to the extent that our mind, body and spirit is in balance. Without balance, we are just treading water, unable to plumb the true depths of life. To awaken the soul, first we need to balance the body and mind.

Healing is all-encompassing, taking in our foods, our thoughts, our movements and exercise, our beliefs and attitude. We are individuals and our journey to health is unique. Let Delarose guide you towards holistic health.

Delarose has decades’ of experience and numerous qualifications, including yoga and meditation teaching, aromatherapy, remedial massage, astrology, life coaching and Shamanic and energetic healing. Delarose draws on her intuition and instincts to guide her towards an exacting combination of healing therapies to suit the particular needs of the individual at the time.

Consultations are limited. Read more about the particular modalities offered below, and book now.чехунов денис николаевич харьков фотопесочница яндекс 2018как самостоятельно покрасить брови