France & Morocco, Spring 2014:

Beauty, soul, spirituality, art and style – highlights of France and Morocco.

Ignite your senses and deepen your joy with this gorgeous, specialised, guided tour of the very best of France and Marrakesh. Based in especially curated luxury hotels, from UNESCO-rated La Sultana in Marrakech to the characterful Hotel La Belle Juliete in Paris, this trip focuses on beauty, culture and wellness, igniting all senses towards pure enjoyment, deep appreciation of beauty and self-reflection.

Our trip starts in Marrakech, where we enjoy a spa and hammam, exploring the World Heritage-listed old city centre of Jemma el-Fnaa. We’ll indulge our senses at the Yves St Laurent’s Majorelle Garden, take guided souk shopping tours to explore the centuries-old skills of Morroco’s artisans and craftsmen, and enjoy the best restaurants and cooking that Marrakech has to offer.

The best of the Cote D’ Azur

From Marrakech, we travel to the sparkling Cote D’Azur to see the world-famous perfumeries of Grasse, indulge in a full day at the Thermes Sextius Spa, the largest and most famous wellness spa of Provence, and enjoy chef-hosted private dinners in the region’s top restaurants. We take the fast train to Paris, where we’ll explore the top boutiques and sights, from food and wine of St Germain and Marais areas, to walking the famous Labyrinth of Notre Dame and visiting the honeybees of the Luxembourg gardens which produce world-famous Parisian honey. There’ll also be several surprises along the way.

This personalised tour is about far more than taking in the sights. Over ten days, we’ll experience the full potential of the senses, swim in art, culture and beauty, and embody our creativity and intuition. Expect each day to stir a different sensation. Through turning on and tuning in to the power of the senses, we’re able to access our deeper, sixth sense – our spirit.

Your host, Delarose Roobie personally oversees every detail to help unlock the magic and delight of each experience, to ensure your perception is fresh and your mind open. Delarose is a gifted therapist and healer, drawing on her extensive arsenal of spiritual tools and techniques to help deepen each participant’s journey.

Each Awaken Travel Retreat is unique and intimate. Spaces are limited and applicants need to have a consultation with Delarose to ensure the all-important group dynamic.

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