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Travel Update

I offer a 14-day lifestyle travel tours … where I will be your stylist, private concierge, wellness coach, psychic, mentor & astrologer. I will along with a professional team of travel agent Guru’s backing me, will be arranging all the details and flights so the experience is enriching and stressless, awakening and re-energising. This is all professionally organised to guarantee that everything will be delivered with the highest attention to detail. This is a style filled, boutique, luxurious & intimate trip offered to only a small group of 8 ladies in total for 14 days to Morocco and France where you will enjoy and be awakened to the beauty & pleasure of living life passionately. Your days will be filled with Taste Sensations & Pleasurable delights, Culture, Art, Beauty & most of all Style … The body and mind will... View Article


1. I have decided that this is the year!! Let go of judgment, stop looking for perfection and start aiming for wholeness, beginning with love for you. What has passed cannot be changed, what we do today is all that matters… Begin each day with a thought of Love no matter how small your thought is if you water it each day with love, it will grow and blossom into a feeling of beauty! Your heart will expand and your soul will shine your energy will change and so will your life! Energy goes where our attention goes so set your intention on Love! Pure and simple “Love”, with no expectation and no agenda. Everything looks better through the eyes of love…give it to yourself… 2. Sometimes we confuse ourselves over relationships because we are afraid to be in our own company, until... View Article


Autumn is a season of deficiency and change. When the temperature starts to drop, the body scrambles to protect itself from heat loss. Nourishing foods, especially soups, seem all the more enticing while offering the added benefits of refortifying deficient tissue and thickening the skin, thus insulating your body from the cold. In Ayurveda, nourishing foods are called ojas building foods. Ojas building, nourishing foods for autumn include root vegetables such as carrots and beets and hard “winter” squash like pumpkins and butternut squash as well as ghee and almonds.лобановский александрглитерыfree live teen cams

Rosewater Iced Tea

A wonderful, refreshing substitute for iced tea. It is inspired by a Tunisian drink with lemons and orange blossom water. Rosewater is the water leftover from the production of rose essential oil.винперст отзывычто входит в понятие управлять маркетингомhilleberg the tentmaker



2 whole squeezed Lemons

1 teaspoon Raw Sugar or Honey

2 teaspoons Rose Water or Orange Blossom Water

2 cups to 3 cups Water




Mix all ingredients together. Served cool as a lemonade or frozen as a sorbet.


Add a touch of nature by placing some vibrant fresh flowers or even greenery in a bowl of clean clear water. You could even use black and white pebbles if you don’t like flowers. By adding some nature elements within your living space you are inviting a sense of deeper connection. This can bring a feeling of heart and soul to your area. After all we really are all connected to earth at some level – why not embrace and celebrate it, giving thanks to the beauty surrounding us everyday when we open our eyes to see it.прокурор Чехунов Денисбот для репостов в Telegramrussiavisa

Awaken: The power and presence of aromatherapy

The practice and art of Aromatherapy has gained wide recognition, as a powerful healing therapy. It dates back to 1500BC, when used by Ancient Egyptians. The practice is known for its benefits in supporting healing on many levels, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Most import is the art of blending pure natural essential oils for optimum results to assist with stress reduction, easing pain and skin irritations, alongside creating a peaceful harmony and balance between the body and mind, when the essential oils are blended, and used correctly and safely. Breathing in the essence of the aromatic blend, can help to stimulate the brain, triggering a reaction of therapeutic benefit leading to a feeling of wellbeing. Inhaling the fragrance of personal blends can uplift mood and reduce emotional stress and depression. The natural properties found in essential oils produce a soothing,... View Article

Strawberry yoghurt smoothie


250g strawberries, hulled, roughly chopped
1 1/2 cups strawberry frozen yoghurt
1/4 cup milk


Step 1: Place strawberries, frozen yoghurt and milk in a blender.
Step 2: Blend until smooth and frothy. Pour into glasses and serve.