Awaken Soul Travel:

Leave the holiday; have an experience.

Awaken Soul Travel experiences immerse the senses towards the inner reaches of oneself. We create intimate, bespoke trips to key destinations where activities are carefully crafted to meet the needs and desires of participants. Itineraries focus on beauty through, the arts, style and culture of each destination, augmented with personal holistic health services. These sessions with hostess Delarose Roobie include meditation and yoga, massage, spa treatments, the mystical language of astrology and dreams, and one-to-one energetic healing.

Awaken the Soul Travel experiences offer a specialised service, creating soulful journeys. Details are personally managed with a small intimate number of guests, specially curated to ensure excellent group dynamics for a personally enriching experience that will be savored as a wonderful memory in years to come. Led by Delarose, an intrepid world traveller with extensive experience, these journeys are an opportunity to create inspiring, long-lasting memories and instigate real, sustainable progress in your health and self-discovery.

“I encourage my clients to live the life they love. I wish to ignite and re-awaken their passions, nourish their bodies, and deepen their self-awareness. I do this by crafting enriching experiences to some of the most exotic and beautiful parts of the world.” Delarose Roobie.

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