Unlock insights to inform decisions

For thousand of years, people have used astrology to better understand their lives and this ancient science is most relevant to challenges of modern life. Astrology enables you to understand your past, better experience your present, and craft the future of your dreams.

Delahrose draws on her extensive knowledge of astrology as well as her deep intuition to unravel the symbolic language of astrology in order that your essential self be revealed. Examining your chart structure and planetary placement using your time and place of birth, Delahrose helps you make sense of the deeper meanings and interactions between the significant people in your life, gently and skillfully guiding you towards make the best possible decisions.

An astrology reading will give insight into obstacles, help you understand the deeper meanings behind your circumstances, and prompt you to explore the lessons of your soul.

Personal astrology readings are fantastic at igniting creativity, seeing and appreciating the gifts of your character and personality, and harnessing insight into your life, relationships, soul’s plan or purpose.

Astrology readings are done by phone, in person, or over Skype. Experience compassionate listening and affirmation of your true potential! Initial reading cost: $220 with follow-up readings and guidance at $135 per one-hour sessions. Space is limited. Please allow at least two weeks before your desired time slot.
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