About Awaken:

Awaken The Soul creates beautiful events and experiences.

From ceremonial pre-wedding gatherings and blessings, to bespoke healing holidays at the farthest reaches of our globe, our focus is always on the highest quality experiences possible.

Delarose Roobie  is the creator of Awaken the Soul. Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience in five-star spas, holistic design and styling, and yoga and other healing modalities, Dellarose saw a need for healing, journeys and experiences to fuel personal insight and whole body restoration for discerning individuals.

Too much multi-tasking, splintered attention, poor quality sleep and relentless pace has left many of us feeling depleted and constantly tired.

Dellarose draws on centuries-old techniques and tools to craft personalised and customised experiences of complete sensory immersion. Awaken The Soul will uplift, revive, energise and inspire you to give more, love deeper and realign your priorities and purpose.

“My clients wish to feel inspired, energised, aroused and evoked, and to experience a sense of wonder and magic.”
Delarose Roobie.

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